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Almost all work related injuries in Louisiana are governed by a statutory system called the Workers’ Compensation Act. It is a “no fault” system where negligence among and between the employer and employee is relatively meaningless. There are mutual advantages to both the employer and employee in this system, but it at many times seems to end with an unfair result for one or both.

Work Injury Attorneys

Work related injuries come in all sorts, shapes and sizes, spanning from simple cuts and scrapes to devastating back, head and neck injuries. The system also provides remedies to those injured as a result of repetitive movements, occupational diseases, and exposure to hazardous conditions.

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Employer and Employee Disputes

Disputes in workers’ compensation are resolved by the filing of 1008 Disputed Claim for Compensation. Often times there are questions as to the existence of an injury, the cause of an injury, and whether that injury is disabling to the employee. Disputes will also arise as to the nature, frequency, and type of medical treatment sought by an injured worker. Because of the many rights afforded an injured worker and the defenses available to the employer, getting an attorney to handle such a dispute is highly recommended.

What Is at Stake When a Worker is Hurt?

When a worker is deemed to have been injured as a result of a work related injury, he/she may be entitled to a number of benefits. Those benefits may include some of the following:

  • Temporary Total Incapacity Benefits
  • Supplemental Earnings Benefits
  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits
  • Medical Treatment and Benefits
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

The workers’ compensation system also provides death benefits for family members and/or dependents of a worker who is fatally injured in and/or as a result of a work accident. The determination of who gets what and how much can sometimes be a difficult and complex process.

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